Jake's Junk Dump

Apr 8

How to get yourself a good nickname

  • spLd.Qnai: you're the spirit
  • spLd.Qnai: well
  • spLd.Qnai: umm
  • spLd.Qnai: not spirit
  • jakeowaty: No? Spirit is spirit.
  • spLd.Qnai: but team spirit
  • spLd.Qnai: fuck people using real words as names
  • spLd.Qnai has changed their name to shoebox.
Apr 1

Racism included

  • M4RK: anyway i think ill give the chat on how to get girls by just spending 5-10€ in one night and get the social skills in doing so, no alcohol needed, #M4RK chic tips
  • jakeowaty: i need m4rk chick tips
  • jakeowaty: i'll pay in rice
  • jakeowaty: but ask him, why he left the team first
  • M4RK: 50 pounds of rice for 1 hour lesson
  • jakeowaty: 50 pounds? that fucking expensive
  • M4RK: you´ll get pussy regardless for the rest of your life
  • jakeowaty: i'll see if i can put my asians to more work

Mark trolling a hacker!

22:06 - M4RK: aye?
22:09 - M4RK: need something?
22:13 - Hatsune Miku is now Online.
22:14 - Hatsune Miku: AH yes sir
22:14 - Hatsune Miku: You are recruiting for a team?
22:15 - Hatsune Miku: well anyways, I read what you put (mostly :) ) and can i do tryouts or something to join the team as Sniper?
22:20 - M4RK: eh
22:21 - M4RK: do you have any experience in div1/2?
22:22 - Hatsune Miku: I have never played a full season. I am currently quitting the team i am on because of poor management and many other reasons. I can make a POV demo of my sniping if you owul dlike me to
22:22 - Hatsune Miku is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
22:22 - Hatsune Miku: *would, please excuse my poor spelling and grammar errors
22:24 - M4RK: well you need to be a extremely talented sniper to play div 1 out of the start
22:24 - Hatsune Miku: this is my ALT account that i am on. I am very good at sniper my good man,
22:25 - M4RK: alright ill give you the chance to trial/tryout but with one condition
22:25 - Hatsune Miku: Yes sir, what will that be?
22:26 - M4RK: if you beat me on scout and sniper mge i will lead you too the guy who does the trials
22:26 - Hatsune Miku: Alrighty :)
22:26 - M4RK: ill join a server
22:26 - M4RK: you follow me
22:27 - Hatsune Miku: Yes sir
22:27 - M4RK: im trying to find one with good connection
22:28 - Hatsune Miku: I am in the US. and i believe you are in the EU. I can usuall play at up to 100 ping with no problem. 130 ping i need to ajust for minute or 2
22:29 - M4RK: follow me
22:29 - Hatsune Miku is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
22:30 - Hatsune Miku: what map
22:30 - M4RK: gran last
22:33 - Hatsune Miku: go
22:39 - Hatsune Miku: do i go to someone else to chat to or do i just need to wait a small time
22:42 - M4RK: very nice job but sadly seems the spot was given to a premier sniper called temioman one of the best that ever existed im sad to tell you but seems he got in a minute ago
22:44 - Hatsune Miku: aww man :(
22:45 - Hatsune Miku: Well i suppose we cant all get what we request.
22:45 - M4RK: yeh its sad, but i see a great future in you, you have potential you will surely find a team and play this season and the next one
22:46 - Hatsune Miku: Thankyou muchly, now because i do not know how to use EFTL how do i search for theams again?
22:46 - Hatsune Miku: My friend gave me a link to you which i was able to add you from
22:47 - M4RK: dont worry ill let people know about you and they will add you to get you straight in your teams
22:47 - M4RK: their*
22:48 - Hatsune Miku: Alrighty, thankyou muchly for your considderation in the team. Not to sound childish but what if me and the other sniper went against eachother to decide who gets the s[pt?
22:48 - Hatsune Miku: *spot
22:48 - M4RK: literally “autoaim” material sniper, one thing you should fix is your grammar that opens more doors to teams trust me
22:49 - Hatsune Miku: I have been trying to work on that my good sir, and i will take the advice that i recieve!
22:52 - M4RK: also you should stream and wear a fedora apparently its a new tendency among famous snipers best the example i can give is “Higps”
22:52 - M4RK: you should search him on youtube
22:52 - Hatsune Miku: haha :D i dont have the RAM to stream and ECT
22:53 - Hatsune Miku: i need to beef up my PC before i try that, it needs some hardware upgrades.
22:54 - Hatsune Miku: and i dont have a facecam or a fedore.
22:56 - M4RK: you should purchase those, famous snipers get revenue from twitch and youtube
22:57 - Hatsune Miku: But sir, I am only 14 and ide get all the crap from my mom, “”i dont want ur face on the internet blah blah blah”” heck i cant even install programs because of family locking.
22:57 - M4RK: just because they use the fedora and they get sponsors like doritos and montain dew
22:57 - M4RK: its ok tell your mom to get the camera and start filming you because you will be the best
22:58 - Hatsune Miku: Lol XD. I just dont want fame, i just want to be on a team and possibly get known
23:00 - M4RK: anyway i had fun today ill get to you tomorrow ill also contact some sponsor to get to you, you will be very known and praised by everyone
23:01 - M4RK: if it wast for temioman you would be the best
23:01 - M4RK: wasnt*
23:01 - Hatsune Miku: haha :) well thankyou, do you have time to explain how this sponsor thing works or do you need to go.
23:03 - M4RK: they will send someone so you sign a contract and then they will give you the gear you need like mouses, mousepads, screens even money each month its like a job basically you might be on tv and all
23:04 - M4RK: you should contact your family and tell them because “son you will be famous”
23:05 - M4RK: best tf2 players are on gaming ads
23:06 - Hatsune Miku: Oh my.. but i dont think they will go to much with this, i mean it sounds awesome to the max but i really dont think it would work out in the end no offense to you my good man.
23:07 - M4RK: trust me i havent seen someone like you in a while
23:07 - Hatsune Miku: like i said i am only in the 8th grade.
23:08 - M4RK: doesnt matter your talent exceeds above most snipers and i see no problem mwith you being famous, there is dota players that are famoues and 15-16 years old
23:08 - Hatsune Miku: Understood. i can see that, heck i would love to be known.
23:11 - M4RK: That´s the attitude boy! Don´t worry you will be well known and when you wake up tomorrow don´t forget to check your etf2l profile to see the offers! I´ll be going now all the info you will need ill provide with satisfaction for now i have to go, cya!
23:11 - Hatsune Miku: haha seeya!

  • jakeowaty: ananas
  • jakeowaty: why the fuck is it called pineapple in uk
  • jakeowaty: like
  • shape: annan in ireland
  • shape: really
  • shape: that's even more dumb
  • jakeowaty: that's because they are drunk and can't spell the ending
  • shape: true that
  • jakeowaty: or have a mouthful of potatoes




people woobifying medic and making him this frail weak pitiful creature that’s useless without heavy


have u seen him run around the battlefield and saw through people

  • Medic is the only person who has such respect from the strongest man on…

(Source: thehydracoalition)

Quality time

  • Bananaman: I need to watch some porn.
  • Bananaman: I'm in a mood.
  • Bananaman: Muted and deafened, brb in 10 minutes.
  • Bananaman is now muted and deafened.

My Top 10 (8) Best Games I’ve ever played

(no particular order)
1. Beyond Good & Evil
2. Assassin’s Creed II
3. Red Dead Redemption
4. Half Life 2
5. GTA San Andreas
6. Team Fortress 2
7. Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
8. Mirror’s Edge
9. -
10. -

Thunder telling the truth!

  • ThunderSin@Yomiot: putting on my army uniform for free bus rides
  • ThunderSin@Yomiot: :D
  • ThunderSin@Yomiot: so jewish

Just finished AC2…

06:58 - jake #tf2.mix.euhl: Geez.
06:58 - jake #tf2.mix.euhl: ACII, such a good game.
06:58 - jake #tf2.mix.euhl: 19 hours of pure tension and fun.
06:58 - jake #tf2.mix.euhl: And everything is logical, makes sense and the ending is just a huge mindfuck.
07:12 - jake #tf2.mix.euhl: Such a good and well-developed game.
07:13 - jake #tf2.mix.euhl: Holy shit, I enjoyed every single bit of it. Enjoyed it more than Deus Ex and every other Single Player I played in the past months.
07:13 - jake #tf2.mix.euhl: I somehow like all those masochistic jumping puzzles, ability to run whenever you want, do whatever you want, be either sneaky or kill shit with a sword.
07:14 - jake #tf2.mix.euhl: And the plot, the whole Animus thing, history, it’s all so amazingly described and explained, like the Apple and the staff provided it’s wielders with power. Jesus - explained as a poor carpenter who happened to find the Apple. Buddha - same. Everything.
07:15 - jake #tf2.mix.euhl: My God. It made me doubt in everything.
07:15 - jake #tf2.mix.euhl: Shockingly good game.
07:17 - jake #tf2.mix.euhl: Every single aspect. I would’ve been so freaked out, if a lighty lady appeared and started staring into the thin air, talking some shit. And then she’d adress someone named Desmond, and that I’m a mere conductor.
07:18 - jake #tf2.mix.euhl: That my fate was to get there just so Desmond in the future could get the message.
07:18 - jake #tf2.mix.euhl: Ah, can’t get over the game… ACII hops into my top list of best games I’ve ever played.

Wow, bit keen.

  • spLd. Flood mix/merc: hi rev
  • spLd. Flood mix/merc: can you sign my sniper rifle please?
  • MR.REV: Yes, I'm a very friendly person, I'd love to do that.
  • MR.REV: But since we would be friends and shit like that.
  • spLd. Flood mix/merc: OH BOY!
  • MR.REV: I may ask something from you, my best bro.
  • spLd. Flood mix/merc: okay bro, what do you want? :oooooooo
  • MR.REV: Well, you will have to make a dildo, shaped as my dick and fuck yourself.
  • spLd. Flood mix/merc: oh.
  • [ICJ]LAMF: make me a spare
  • spLd. Flood mix/merc: wow
  • spLd. Flood mix/merc: bit keen.