Oct 1

Connection Speed

  • jakeowaty: My Internet slowed down to 1mb/s.
  • jakeowaty: but at least there is a patch for Smite out
  • jakeowaty: which is nice
  • Mr.Black*: Plebian speed
  • Mr.Black*: Mine is 20mb/s :3
  • jakeowaty: Patch is downloading with a speed of a sprint in Battlefield Hardline
  • Mr.Black*: Nothing is slower than sprint in BF: Hardline.
  • Mr.Black*: Nothing.

Life words

  • Pinky: You provide me with entertainment I like you
  • Pinky: Imagine life like the sims
  • Pinky: I know going to poland will give me a 50+ mood modifier
Sep 1


  • Pinky LFT: I would love to see a data on masturbation when the JL pics got leaked
  • jakeowaty: freak
  • Pinky LFT: No, i just want to see how many white knights were giving the old jousting stick a rub down
Aug 4
  • Zero-Sum : The cat looks at you with eyes full of questions that can't be answered.
  • Zero-Sum : "Why is my food less?"
  • Zero-Sum : WHAT HAVE I DONE


  • Pinky LFT: fuck Í hate feminists
  • Pinky LFT: We should have like a party, invite all the femists and men's rights activists of the first world, then nuke it.

TF2 Phishers

  • ~Badum-chan desu~ #mr. coolguy: i just realized, phishers are like porn ads. "My friend can't add you but he wants to give you an unusual so add him here: -----", "Jessica lives near you and likes being banged hard"

Can't Seduce me.


no hesitation

Dark Side of Trading

  • [BaDum] ~SchnitzelFrenzy: I mightttttt be able to trade again freely, you can appeal bans on SteamRep so des wut i doin
  • jakeowaty: :D
  • [BaDum] ~SchnitzelFrenzy: Why a happy face? I'll sink into the deep dark trading hole
  • jakeowaty: good, good... let the trading flow through you
  • [BaDum] ~SchnitzelFrenzy: Darth Trader


  • jet.: yeah
  • jet.: i'm out from 16 cest
  • jet.: till about midday your time tomorrow
  • jakeowaty: lol, wut yer doin?
  • jet.: girlfriend's house
  • jakeowaty: you should just leave it at 'girlfriend' as answer to the question
  • jet.: fair
  • Zimmer: xD
  • Zimmer: HAHA
  • Zimmer: Some people like to do buildings too.
  • Zimmer: Nothing wrong in that
  • jakeowaty: #engineermains

Playing late-night Prophunt

  • Mia: For once in my life I'm something small.
  • jakeowaty: A pumpkin? Oh, a BUCKET!
  • Bananaman: An Asian, you dumb fuck!