Sep 1


  • Pinky LFT: I would love to see a data on masturbation when the JL pics got leaked
  • jakeowaty: freak
  • Pinky LFT: No, i just want to see how many white knights were giving the old jousting stick a rub down
Aug 4
  • Zero-Sum : The cat looks at you with eyes full of questions that can't be answered.
  • Zero-Sum : "Why is my food less?"
  • Zero-Sum : WHAT HAVE I DONE


  • Pinky LFT: fuck Í hate feminists
  • Pinky LFT: We should have like a party, invite all the femists and men's rights activists of the first world, then nuke it.

TF2 Phishers

  • ~Badum-chan desu~ #mr. coolguy: i just realized, phishers are like porn ads. "My friend can't add you but he wants to give you an unusual so add him here: -----", "Jessica lives near you and likes being banged hard"

Can't Seduce me.


no hesitation

Dark Side of Trading

  • [BaDum] ~SchnitzelFrenzy: I mightttttt be able to trade again freely, you can appeal bans on SteamRep so des wut i doin
  • jakeowaty: :D
  • [BaDum] ~SchnitzelFrenzy: Why a happy face? I'll sink into the deep dark trading hole
  • jakeowaty: good, good... let the trading flow through you
  • [BaDum] ~SchnitzelFrenzy: Darth Trader


  • jet.: yeah
  • jet.: i'm out from 16 cest
  • jet.: till about midday your time tomorrow
  • jakeowaty: lol, wut yer doin?
  • jet.: girlfriend's house
  • jakeowaty: you should just leave it at 'girlfriend' as answer to the question
  • jet.: fair
  • Zimmer: xD
  • Zimmer: HAHA
  • Zimmer: Some people like to do buildings too.
  • Zimmer: Nothing wrong in that
  • jakeowaty: #engineermains

Playing late-night Prophunt

  • Mia: For once in my life I'm something small.
  • jakeowaty: A pumpkin? Oh, a BUCKET!
  • Bananaman: An Asian, you dumb fuck!

It’s not as bad as I made it, but fuck this, we’re here to play a game, not to be friends, that’s my point.


Posting your PC spec on your profile is like showing off how much money you managed to get from your parents. Also, it probably compensates for the size of your dick.

- Chuckstarr